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We can make your wish come true

Did you know that C in Capucinne also stands for custom? We love making one of a kind pieces for our customers and working on their dream ring.

Whether you are looking for a one of a kind custom piece or you would just like to customize one of our existing designs by switching the stone or choosing a different cut, we would love to listen closely to your wishes and ideas and with the help of our expertise and impeccable craftsmanship create your dream ring.

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Round Brilliant Cut

Round Brilliant

Cushion stone cut

Cushion cut

Rectangular cushion cut

Rectangular Cushion

Oval stone cut

Oval cut

Marquise stone cut

Marquise cut

Pear stone cut

Pear cut

Trillion stone cut

Trillion cut

Emerald stone cut

Emerald cut

Baguette stone cut

Baguette cut

Princess stone cut

Princess cut

Radiant stone cut

Radiant cut

Square emerald cut

Square emerald cut

Shield stone cut

Shield cut

Kite Stone Cut

Kite Cut

Heart stone cut

Heart cut

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