Moss Agate Rings


    Imagine a dewy bed of moss on an old, fallen log in a foggy marsh. That’s the kind of daydream that inspires our enchanting moss agate engagement rings and other moss agate rings here at Capucinne. Few gemstones are more evocative than moss agate, a semi-precious stone of white with flecks of green. People often say that moss agate looks like the forest itself, especially the moss that lines the rocks and trees. That’s how it got its name!

    At Capucinne, we have dozens of moss agate rings for you to choose from. Every piece we make is handcrafted in-house by our small team of artisans and is one-of-a-kind both in workmanship and in the uniqueness of the stone itself.

    81 products

    81 products

    Who Should Choose Moss Agate?

    Moss agate rings suit a number of situations and wearers.

    • They are a beautiful fit for nature lovers and conservationists.
    • They’re a great choice for symbolizing a spiritual or naturalistic awakening.
    • Because of their connection with nature and renewal, they’re also ideal for marking a new chapter in your life.
    • Moss agate engagement rings are a popular choice because they are visually powerful and rich with metaphors.

    Engagement & Wedding Rings

    Getting engaged? It’s time to make your perfect proposal a reality with a moss agate engagement ring by Capucinne!

    Keep the Soul of the Forest Close By

    Embark on a new adventure and start designing a moss agate ring of your very own! You can use our Chat Now feature in the bottom right corner to speak with us, or send us a message to discuss your needs and questions.

    Celebrate the milestones in your life with this dreamy gemstone, raised to its full potential by Capucinne. Get free worldwide insured shipping when you order today.