Sapphire Rings


Possibly no gemstone in the world says “prestigious” like a classic blue sapphire. Throughout history, blue sapphire rings have been coveted as symbols of power, beauty, and wealth. Some say their vivid color is more striking than even a diamond, making them perfect for someone who wants to make a bold statement through their jewelry.

At Capucinne, we handcraft unique sapphire engagement rings, sapphire wedding ring sets, and more. When you’re searching for “something blue,” let us tick the box for you!

More Than Just Blue

Blue sapphire rings are the most famous, but sapphire actually comes in a variety of colors, including peach, blush, lavender, and teal. Sapphire engagement rings don’t have to be royal blue! Odds are that you can find a hue that suits you or your beloved perfectly.

Explore our collection to find unique sapphire engagement rings and sapphire wedding ring sets of many different colors, and don’t forget that our amazing team of designers, stone setters, and metalworkers are happy to work with you on any customizations you need!

Declare It in Stone

Whether you’re interested in a blue sapphire ring to make a bold statement, an elegant teal sapphire engagement ring to show your true colors, or something else entirely, Capucinne is here to make your dreams become a tangible piece of treasure you’ll wear and cherish for a lifetime.

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