Opal Rings

October’s birthstone, opal, is a unique gemstone known for its one-of-a-kind color combinations. From fiery red to iridescent blue, we source the finest opals around the world to create pieces you can cherish across a lifetime. Explore our collection of white opal rings, black opals, rainbow opals, and more.

Opal rings are the perfect promise ring for a loved one or close friend, and an opal engagement ring symbolizes faithfulness, confidence, and discovery. We’re happy to make customizations to any ring, and you can also work with our artisans to design your own from scratch.

81 products

81 products

Dream Stones from Down Under: Discover Magnificent Australian Opal Rings

Of all the opals in the world, Australian opals are known to have some of the most expressive shades of color and iridescence. We source our opals ethically and take steps to ensure that all the gemstones featured in our jewelry remain conflict-free.

Opals come in many colors, from red to blue, and we do have some stunning white opal rings, black opals, and others! But opals are best known for their ethereal, “rainbows-in-the-fog” appearance—shimmering in many different colors as they catch the sunlight with a dreamy layer of haze on top.

That’s why an opal engagement ring is something truly special: like the clouds themselves, it always has something new to offer. With an stunning Australian opal, rings and other fine jewelry pieces take on a certain zest that’s hard to find in most other gemstones.

Make Your Vision a Reality with Capucinne

If you have questions about a customization or are new to the world of fine handcrafted jewelry and need guidance, contact us for fast, friendly assistance. Create your dream ring today with help from the skilled stonesetters and metalworkers from Capucinne!