Tourmaline Rings

Available in a range of colors, from black to blue to watermelon, tourmaline rings have been cherished by royalty and celebrities alike for centuries and are still beloved today. Our collection of tourmaline engagement rings feature designs perfect for any proposal or wedding. Tourmalines are ideal for those interested in spirituality, as this gemstone is said to possess soothing and calming properties.

At Capucinne, we love to draw on our tradition as independent, creative artisans by letting you design your own ring or other fine jewelry piece from scratch. Get started by exploring the existing rings here for inspiration, or feel free to customize any of the designs below.

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A Gem of Many Colors

The word “tourmaline” comes from Sri Lanka by way of a Sinhalese word meaning “fleshy” in reference to the color of pink tourmaline. However, tourmaline gemstones are available in many different hues. Explore their many colors and meanings below!

  • Watermelon Tourmaline Rings: With their famous pink and green hues resembling a watermelon and its rind, these hues have a warm vibe that many people associate with wisdom, reconciliation, and acceptance.
  • Paraiba/Blue Tourmaline Rings: These tourmaline rings are the color “paraiba,” a shade of pale blue that is the spitting image of tropical beach waters. This luscious color is associated with commitment, clear-eyed persistence, and prudence in the face of risk.
  • Pink Tourmaline Rings: Pink is one of the boldest colors of tourmaline. Pink tourmaline engagement rings are a popular way to exhibit this mythic gemstone, as this stone is associated with unconditional love and friendship.

Other colors of tourmaline include black, red, green, yellow, and amber. There are also color-change tourmalines out there!

Make the Perfect Engagement Ring Yours

While watermelon tourmaline rings are a continual bestseller at Capucinne, along with our blue tourmaline rings and pink tourmaline engagement rings, we want to help you bring your own unique vision to life! If your dream ring requires a different color, contact us to find out what’s possible. We may be able to source it for you or suggest a suitable alternative.


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