Hello Scorpio season!

Scorpio season officially begins on October 22nd and ends on November 21st. For this short time, we get to celebrate their presence and the unique ways they make us feel. Known as a water sign, the Scorpio is very much connected to its emotional side, though it keeps them very much private. As much as other Zodiac Signs like nice things, Scorpio is no different. Their birthstone is Topaz, but they will love an Aquamarine, Opal or Tourmaline ring as well, as it goes well with their energies.


One thing Scorpios are known for is most definitely their passion and determination. So if you are a Scorpio and see something you like, we are sure nothing will stop you in your way. For instance, if you like our Sienna Aquamarine ring, don’t let us stop you! You deserve it!


 Sienna Aquamarine Gold Ring


Known as very stubborn, smart and resourceful, a Scorpio also wants their partner to be intelligent and honest. If you make a promise to a Scorpio, you better keep it. One way to do it is with a promise ring, like our Eden London Blue Topaz Ring. 

Eden London Blue Topaz Ring


A Scorpio women is very kind, magnetic and sensual, hence she deserves jewellery that will match her personality. Some of our suggestions that just ooze elegance and sensuality are our Gigi Pink Tourmaline ring and Nadia Paraiba Coloured Tourmaline.


 Gigi Pink Tourmaline Ring


Nadia Paraiba Colored Tourmaline Ring

Let’s celebrate a Scorpio in style, whether it is by remarkable pieces or custom made jewelry, we are to help create unique gift for s Scorpio in your life!

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