Morganite Rings


Warm, rich, feminine. These are the qualities symbolized by morganite, an increasingly popular gemstone for wedding and engagement rings. While not as well-known as classics like rubies and sapphires, morganite stands with the best of them in terms of beauty, color, and desirability.

When you choose a morganite ring, you are choosing a stone with a gorgeous, warm color and a sparkle that dazzles both in sunlight and indoors.

We offer a selection of beautiful ready-to-ship morganite wedding rings and morganite engagement rings, or you can design your own ring with the help of our talented stone setters and metalworkers. Customization is our specialty here at Capucinne, and we want you to bring your dream ring to life!

The Color of an Amazing Sunrise… or Sunset!

Morganite comes in two main colors—pink and peach—and is often compared to sunrises and sunsets. The soft, warm color of a morganite comes from manganese, or sometimes cesium. We make morganite wedding rings and morganite engagement rings of both hues here at Capucinne.

We think the celestial metaphor is a good one: with its twilight luster, a morganite ring holds all the promise of a new sunrise—and all the satisfaction of a relaxing sunset at day’s end. This makes it the perfect gemstone for symbolizing the journey of building a life together in marriage.

To make the most of a morganite’s rich color, we set most of our morganite in rose gold. However, white gold, yellow gold, platinum, and silver are all available, too.

A Cousin to the Beloved Emerald

Morganite comes from the mineral beryl, the same mineral that gives us emeralds and aquamarine. Unlike emeralds, however, which are famous for their inclusions, morganite is known for its pure, unblemished appearance. Morganite ring owners will often tell you how pure the stone looks in person.

Morganite is less well-known than its cousin, the emerald, and much less expensive. In terms of carat weight, you can get a morganite engagement ring or a morganite wedding ring for thousands less than an emerald ring of the same size.

Customize Your Dream Morganite Ring Today

It’s time to let your fancy run free with jaw-dropping morganite jewelry by Capucinne!

When you customize a ring with us, you’ll get to work directly with our team to bring your vision to life. We use drawings, 3D imaging, and other resources to make the design process hassle-free and customer-focused.

Even if you’re buying a ready-to-ship ring, always feel free to contact us with questions before you buy.

Along with our customization services, here are some of the other perks when you buy with us:

  • Free insured shipping worldwide
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted as a form of payment
  • 24/7 customer support

Design your dream morganite engagement ring or morganite wedding ring right now at Capucinne!