Who are we?

CAPUCINNE - Personalized Fine Jewelry

Capucinne is the main jewelry brand of the MinimalVS company from Slovenia, a small and beautiful country located in central Europe. Our jewelry is made to satisfy individual needs of a wide range of customers. Our unique creations present the elegance and beauty of modern design and minimalism.

All our jewelry is designed and handmade in Slovenia. We only use genuine and high quality materials and gemstones. Every single piece of jewelry is made with love and care. Customer's satisfaction is the top priority of our work and service.


Our Team

Maja is the owner and leading designer and creator of all the items you can browse through. She also photographs, models, and publishes new designs, and is responsible for ordering gemstones and other supplies.

Primož is owner and responsible for finances, company management, marketing, social media, copyright and technical parts of the processes carried out at our studio.

Živa shapes, brushes, and polishes solid gold pieces and carries out some of the stone setting.  She also helps with some of the custom-ordered sterling silver and gold-filled items, and carves one‑of‑a‑kind designs from modeling wax.

Marko is in charge of the production process in our workshop. Not only does he carry out the shaping, brushing, and polishing of solid gold items, he also performs some of the stone setting.

Mitja takes care of shaping, brushing, and polishing of solid gold. He gives most of the pieces their final touch and makes sure the item is flawless.

Črt transforms Maja’s drawings and customers’ requests into 3D files which he uses to print 3D wax models that are used for metal casting.  His other tasks include providing 3D renders, previews, and mock-up of any creative ideas you might have.

Andreja uses the wax models to prepare molds into which she casts solid gold and sterling silver.

Nina helps with the production of silver and gold-filled pieces, is in charge of quality control and inventory, communicates with the Customs Department, and prepares the finished products for shipping. She sometimes also photographs the new designs, which are then published on our page.

Darja works in accounting and administration and ensures that any and all issues with the Customs are resolved quickly.


Almost all of our designs can be altered to fit your personal preferences. Please send us a message if you have any questions or would like to request a custom order and our customer service team will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting our shop,