A picnic surprise

The lovely Amy and Joel are such sweethearts. We absolutely love how Joel went about the day and was able to keep his proposal a secret. Read their lovely story below.
How we met
It's probably a little different to other people, but Joel and I both met each other through our local church. I moved to Manchester when I was 18 and got involved with my church a year later, after reconnecting with my faith. Joel moved from Sheffield to Manchester about 4 years ago and also started attending the church. We had been in the same circle of friends for about 6 months and spent time getting to know each other, within our group of friends, before we started dating. Our first date was actually a birthday present from Joel and was a day out to the Zoo which I loved!
The proposal story
Unbeknown to me, Joel got a lot of people involved in preparation for his proposal. I'd moved back in with my parents for a short time during the COVID Pandemic and he recruited my family to try to subtly work out my ring size. Apparently it took months as I don't actually own any other rings. Joel & I also volunteer as youth workers at our local church. He got a few of our fellow team members to request we filmed a vlog of "A Day in the Life of Joel & Amy" to share with the young people. We spent the day filming ourselves doing random things (getting Starbucks, going shopping, having Afternoon Tea etc), but what I didn't realise is that it was part of Joel's big plan. During the last part of the day, we went for a walk around Dunham Massey in Manchester. Whilst we were on the walk, Joel decided that we should probably film the "outro" for our vlog video. We found a clear spot in the park and started to film our "outro". In the middle of filming, Joel suddenly revealed the most gorgeous ring and proposed! I honestly couldn't believe it! I later discussed, Joel had picked the spot weeks ago and one of our friends was hiding behind a tree to photograph the whole thing.
In absolute shock, we walked further on into the park, as I thought we were taking more photos. It turns out, a few of our friends had arranged the most gorgeous picnic and were waiting to celebrate with us. Literally the best proposal!